How to dress up for the H4 Visa Interview in India

How you appear also makes a very subtle difference during the H4 visa interview. It is better to dress neatly and look presentable. A simple white shirt with a pair of jeans and a good jacket is great for men. Women however, must be a little more dressed, especially if they have recently tied the knot. Your overall look subtly helps to make your case stronger. More than 90% of the H4 visa applicants from India are females and a significant number of applicants apply for the visa right after getting married.
The interviewing officer is trained to screen several visa applications and quickly assess the eligibility for many applicants during the course of a single day. They are also trained to judge that an Indian girl is newly married by her appearance:
1. henna on hands and/or feet,
2. sindoor' (red powder, also known as Vermilion applied by married women) and 'bindis'on the forehead,
3. colorful, embroidered Indian clothes,
4. Bangles on both the hands,
5. Mangalsutra worn on the neck ( also considered a sacred symbol of matrimony).
Now I will quickly draw a my own profile:

  • I was wearing an attire befitting a newly wed-I was a walking model for a jeweller so to speak.  Lets say it does make a difference!
  • I was carrying many originals and photo copies with me. At times I was struggling to take out the right paper at the right time.  There were two heavy folders-one for my documents and another for my husband’s documents.  Both these folders were in a big bag..:)
  • I was tutored well to answer all the questions well.

I think my appearance made my case more realistic. I was looking like a newly wed girl who wanted to accompany her husband on the dependent visa (H4) to the United States. Staying apart from your spouse is never a good choice and the interviewing officers understand this fact.You must be careful of how you dress for the H4 visa interview. In the next section a few strategies for the visa interview are discussed.
Strategies to calm yourself during the visa interview process
The visa interview process can be overwhelming.  Here are a few strategies to calm yourself down.

  • Reach a little before your scheduled appointment. This gives you time to adjust to the environment inside the consulate, be comfortable, and gather your thoughts.
  • Get hydrated.
  • Look at your documents and make sure you are familiar with your folder.
  • Gather your thoughts-think of something positive.
  • Talk to others around you.
  • Say a little prayer in your heart.
  • You will be given a token/queue number. Be vigilant on how the interview of others is being conducted.  Keep an eye on the token monitor flashing the 'now serving token number XXX' message.

The H4 visa interview process is relatively simpler than other visas such ( business visas, visitor visas, work visas or student visas)  Be focused and just answer the question.  Nobody is interested to know anything beyond that.  Be polite and firm: fumbling and poor eye contact may invite suspicion and rigorous questioning by the interviewing officer.   Just follow one golden rule: ‘preparation helps! It is better to be prepared than sorry!’
Good Luck and I hope your H4 visa interview goes well.


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